Silverstone Museum 28Th June 23 018

Digital Motorsports


We are thrilled to have partnered with Digital Motorsports for our professional simulator experience and look forward to seeing what the future holds for our e-sports offering with the Digital Motorsports Team.

Digital Motorsports Branding on the Simulator Rigs at Silverstone Museum serves the global driver simulation market & are the world's leading one-stop sim racing store. They are official distributors for Fanatec, Sim Lab, Thrustmaster, Cube Controls, Simucube & many more of the best sim racing brands. They offer fast, reliable worldwide shipping via their logistics partners.

Digital Motorsports specialise in building bespoke simulator solutions to meet client's individual needs. Whether you're a professional driver, race team or sim racer, they can offer custom simulators tailored to any form of Motorsport to suit your budget and requirements. The simulators are built and developed in-house by the team of Motorsport professionals who have decades of experience in simulation, Esports and real-world racing, using professional grade components which accurately replicate real-world performance.

Their custom simulator solutions can be delivered to your premises or home, ready to race or for on-site assembly, anywhere in the world!  They also offer a number of turn-key simulator packages which can be customised to suit your needs.

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