Village & Farm

Find out all about the village that gave the country’s most famous racing circuit its name and learn about the area around the track. Farmers worked the fields even after racing had begun in the late 1940s and some unlucky drivers and riders ended up amongst the crops!

Discover why there is a carp pond and use the light-up map to see where the original farm buildings still exist within the track. Take a look at the amazing racing sticker collection on one Silverstone resident's old bedroom door and find out which Formula 1 champion once turned up to open the Silverstone village hall.

You'll love hearing all about the locals, so pull up a stool in the replica pub, hear super stories from villagers and keep your eyes peeled for the elephant…

  • Listen to stories from the village in the replica pub
  • Find out what elephants have to do with Silverstone
  • Challenge your friends or family to the board game
What Is Tse 2

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