Racing Eras 5

Racing Eras

Get ready to see some of your favourite cars and bikes close up…

Racing Eras tells the story of the most important landmarks in Silverstone’s racing history, from famous grand prix victories, to innovations and wins you may have never heard of. You’ll also see programmes and signing-on sheets - filled with signatures of the sport's best drivers - from the brilliant BRDC archive.

It is here that you can take a look at some of the most significant cars and motorcycles to have competed and won at Silverstone, from sportscar and touring car classics to iconic MotoGP and Formula 1 machines. Then there are race suits and helmets from the 1950s through to today – we even have Lewis Hamilton’s suit, boots and lid.

  • Spot the signatures of Schumacher, Hill & Senna in a historic signing-on sheet
  • Discover how Barry Sheene modified his race helmet
  • Count up how many BRDC gold stars were won by James Hunt
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