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Vision, Mission & Values



Our Vision and Mission statements represent our core values at Silverstone Museum, and what we aim to achieve as a Community Benefit Society with charitable aims.


Vision: To show the world the best of British motor racing at Silverstone.

Mission: Inspiring people with the stories of motor racing and the contribution it has on technology, innovation and society.

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We are driven by the pursuit of delivering the iconic Silverstone story to everyone, making the joy of motorsport accessible to local, national, and global audiences.

We empower our people to drive the visitor experience and deliver a personality led experience. Our people are proud to share what our museum has to offer, through this we continue to grow by learning from others, sharing knowledge and experience and bringing out the best from everyone we work with.

We are connected to what we do and are passionate in our delivery and standards ensuring that the visitor journey is new and different every time.

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Silverstone Museum symbolises the energy of motorsport history and passion, the beauty of human endeavour in engineering and technology, creating an experience for everyone to share.


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Drive for excellence, being proud of our heritage and legacy in motorsport.

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We inspire the next generation through learning, empower our people to drive visitor experience, and seek innovation in all that we do.

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We act with diligence, take responsibility for our decisions and actions. We are curious and ask questions.

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We treat everyone with respect, positively impact our community, and work collaboratively as a team.

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We share enjoyment in our roles to perform and deliver at our best.

Memorabilia Display at Silverstone Museum with Racing Helmets and Viking Race Car

our goals

  1. Financial - To be financially sustainable so we can invest in the future and increase our contribution to society
  2. Experience – Excite our visitors and celebrate our supporters by sharing our collections, and the stories behind them
  3. Learning and Engagement – Engage with more people and inspire future generations through our passion and knowledge of motor racing
  4. Collections – To become the national archive for motor racing by growing our collection, capturing the stories behind the artefacts, so we can share them more widely
  5. Community – Partnering with Silverstone and the BRDC, we are responsible, contribute to our communities and respect our environment.
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