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13 May 2020

More than just a booklet

Programmes have been used at the Silverstone British Grand Prix to give customers information about the race meeting they are attending.

The programmes are on sale to the public, normally as soon as they get into the circuit and people are encouraged to buy them as they always have a programme cover that stands out.

Motorsports programmes have always been more than just a booklet that provides information, they are a souvenir, used to collect autographs of famous drivers and the covers are even put upon display, as we have done at the Silverstone Experience.

Programme covers have changed over the years, we are going to look at a couple of different styles to help you with your 2030 British Grand Prix programme design.


The programme cover for the first Formula One World Championship Grand Prix featured an artist drawing of a racing car leaving the pits. The sense of speed is gained from the wheels looking like they are in motion. The flags above the grandstands give the view that this Grand Prix is a truly international event. The Text is set out in a traditional way, being centred and giving the name of the race, date and price for the customer.


The programme cover for the 1960 British Grand Prix at Silverstone had a different theme. This is much simpler, with a British Racing Green cover and the World championship trophy it really played on the British pride in the Grand Prix. You could include a picture of the trophy in your 2030 programme cover design?


The Programme cover for the 1971 race showed illustrations of the British Hero, World Champion, Jackie Stewart. The images show Stewart at speed, with the number 1 being prominent on the car. The date was written in all lower case, this was a real step away from the more traditional text of the programme covers before, trying to appeal to a younger audience. This programme cover also clearly shows the sponsor, ‘Woolmark’ with the word ‘Silverstone’ written in their font. Perhaps you could try to experiment with different styles of writing in your design?


This programme cover features a photo of the previous seasons World Champion, Alain Prost in his Mclaren. The cover features the ‘F1’ logo across the cover and cleverly builds in the sponsor logo ‘Shell Oils’ into the cover. The image clearly shows the driver and at the time the most up to date racing car. What do you think the Formula One cars might look like in 2030?


This cover used in the 1999 British grand Prix uses the excitement of a Formula One pit stop to grab the readers attention. The cover uses colour very cleverly with the car and pit stop mechanics all in red, white and blue with the union flag on the ‘lollipop’ stick. The logos are in gold against a blue background giving the look and feel of a very expensive programme, the sort of thing a reader would want to keep.

Published on 13 May 2020

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