New Arrivals

As you travel through the museum you will have the chance to see some of the most iconic and exciting racing machines from Silverstone’s history, which have been kindly loaned to us. New arrivals to the collection will be listed here.

Jenson Buttons Brawn GP001:

Don't miss Jenson Button's 2009 World Championship winning Brawn GP 001 (on loan from Mercedes‐Benz Grand Prix Limited).

Renault rs18:

See the Renault RS18 used by Carlos Sainz for 16 races of the 2018 Formula One season. 2018 was the first year the halo cockpit protection device was used on Formula One cars.

1972 brm p160:

This is a BRM (British Racing Motors) P160 used in the 1972 Formula One season. 1972 marked the last season that BRM won a Formula One World Championship Grand Prix, with John-Pierre Beltoise winning the Monaco Grand Prix. BRM was one of only a couple of teams on the grid to design and build their own engine as well as the car.

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